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                  美白面膜(小黑膜) / Whitening mask (small black film)

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                          Clear white: the resveratrol extracted from the plant can fade the spots and make the skin dull. Meanwhile, it can clear the muscles and make the skin clear and white.
                         Water penetrates: the combination of carbohydrate isomer and hyaluronic acid can deeply replenish water, keep water locked for a long time, and make skin shine through water all the time!
                          Smooth: niacinamide and tone-glucan, soothe and repair, improve spots, dark, uneven skin tone, make skin bright!
                           Activated carbon purifying membrane: adsorb dirt, clean and bright, soft membrane texture, compact and stored water, with excellent adsorption power, absorb dirt and excess oil attached to the skin, deeply clean pores, and help the essence of deep penetration, make the skin clean and fresh, bright and clear!

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