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                  吸黑頭鼻貼膜 / Suction black nose film

                  日期:2019-11-28 18:01:06 / 人氣: / 來源:



                  Absorb black head nose film: extract sea water essence, instantly and densely replenish water, balance the skin at the same time, also have very good penetration and cleanness. The essence goes straight into the skin, cleans the nose deeply, and dissolves blackheads. Its hamamelis extract and other ingredients can be timely hydration, convergence of pores, make the nose away from the blackhead trouble.
                  Removing blackheads, repairing and protecting spirit glue: natural toner can deeply clean the skin, smooth the skin around the nose, remove blackheads, acne and dirt, shrink the thick pores in time, improve the repair ability of skin; Gentle skin, delicate penetration of the bottom of the muscle, after use can make the skin around the nose clean, smooth, farewell "strawberry head".

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