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                  美白補水泥膜 / Whitening cement film

                  日期:2019-11-28 13:43:51 / 人氣: / 來源:

                      采用富含多種礦物質微量元素的海洋自然沉積礦物海泥微小分子,如巧克力般貼服,  能輕松融入肌底,通過高濃縮促吸收技術,以良好的滲透能力和美白效果,軟化老舊角質,深層清潔皮膚內殘留污垢,同時為肌膚添加海淤泥提取物,補充滋潤動力,提升美白活力,令肌膚毛孔細膩光滑,清透不緊繃,綻放青春凈白光芒。

                       Using natural Marine sedimentary minerals that are rich in a variety of mineral microelement sea mud small molecules, such as chocolate stick take, can be easily integrated into muscle, by high concentration and promote absorption technology, with good penetration and whitening effect, soften horniness, old residual dirt in deep clean the skin, at the same time for the skin to add sea silt extract, supplement moisture dynamics, enhance vitality, make the skin exquisite and smooth pore, clear is not tight, blossom youth pure white light.

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