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Closing Date 19th March 2012


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Creative Writing Workshops that challenge and inspire...


IN THE WRITE LIGHT is the creative writing workshop holiday that gives writers the chance to learn with the best of contemporary published authors in a relaxed environment.


Set in the beautiful town of Tarifa, on Spain’s Costa de la Luz, during this week-long holiday you'll work with a professional writer in a small group. You'll stay at a rustic, self-catering house and get to enjoy the unique beauty of Tarifa's beach. Along with fun writing classes in the morning, the week includes trips to local beaches and events.

Upcoming workshops to be announced soon.

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Looking for a Professional Review?

In the meantime if you are working on a short story or novel and would like to have it reviewed by a professional reviewer, please get in touch.

For information on reviewer John Kenny, click here.



"The IN THE WRITE LIGHT course I attended in 2008 did more for my self esteem than any Life Coaching, Group Therapy or Spiritual retreat I might one day have explored. Within hours, a tidal wave of inspiration and energy washed over me and drowned out any doubts I had that writing is where happiness lies for me. Paul Perry has a true gift, not only as the revered poet he is, but also as a literary shaman capable of drawing out thoughts, feelings and words from the previously inaccessible recesses of the psyche………the beautiful surroundings, the great company and the excellent grub helped too!" (Debora Garber, attended Paul Perry's 2008 workshop)



With Mia Gallagher, best-selling novelist and dramatist

What makes writing compelling and alive? What is your unique narrative voice? What makes a good plot great? What makes dialogue believable?

What this workshop is…

This fun, challenging and highly interactive workshop aims to help you uncover the elements in your writing that make it truly unique. The games, improvisation and writing exercises that Mia will share come from her experience as an award-winning short-story writer and novelist, a seasoned actor/deviser with international touring experience and over ten years of facilitating drama and storytelling. Group feedback sessions and a unique balance between physical activities and more traditional writing exercises contribute to a truly holistic experience.

Why Drama?

Drama is one of our earliest literary forms; the tragedies and comedies of Aeschylus and Euripides predated the appearance of the first novel by nearly 2,000 years. We learn to speak and play before we learn to write. Children only starting to master alphabet are able to construct sophisticated narrative stories through make-believe and role-play. While not everyone is an actor, we can all understand how drama works. 

What we will be doing…

  • Voice: Playing with devices like the ‘messenger speech’ and inner monologue to uncover possibilities for narrative voice.
  • Narrative: Analysing story-structure through play and games to hone a sense of the pitfalls, tricks and techniques which make good plots great.
  • Character: Using dramatic devices like ‘hot-seating’ and status games to develop authentic, believable characters.
  • Dialogue and action: Using improvisation and collective story-writing to sharpen the interactions between your characters.

 By the end of this workshop, you will have a deeper sense of your own unique ‘dramatic fingerprint’; the writing forms that appeal to you most – and at which you best shine!

For more info on Mia's work, check out this Guardian review
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